God Saves Noah from the flood


Bible Base – Genesis 6 v 5 – 8 v 22

God is grieved by a world gone wrong, He plans a new start.
Noah finds favour in God’s eyes; God promises to save him and his family from the judgement He will send.
God told Noah to build a huge boat

noah 003

Noah and his family entered the ark, and God sent the animals in pairs it rained a lot! 40 days, 40 sleeps!

 september 010 september 007

God kept them safe inside the ark, when it had all dried up God brought them safely out of the ark.  Noah and all his family were so thankful that God had kept them safe.  God hung a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise not to send a flood like that again.

noah 004

What we made to help us remember

Paper plates attached together back to back and filled with animal biscuits.

noah 002

Small laminated boat with “God saved Noah from the flood” , roll and put inside a bottle, add water and blue food colouring, top up with baby oil, blue water and oil separates in bottle.

september 047

Our rainbow decorated rescue ring, no it wasn’t robbed from the prom!!

legitimately purchased on the internet!

september 046

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