God Saved Moses from Pharoah

Bible Base – Exodus 1 – 2 v 10

Joseph and his large family moved to Egypt and the family carried on getting bigger!


Time passes, God’s people stay in Egypt, but know it’s not the land God has promised them


A new Pharoah comes to power who doesn’t know about Joseph and worries that this big group of people could cause trouble for him, he makes a terrible plan…..

Kill the baby boys.

But what Pharaoh didn’t plan for was feisty Godly women ignoring him, and trusting God, first the midwives, and then……




And Miriam

They made a plan to keep Moses safe

image image


Moses was floated down the Nile in a basket, right to where the princess was bathing, brilliant!


Pharaoh thinks he can wipe God’s people out

But God takes the one baby he needs, floats him right into Pharaoh’s home and raises him under his nose at his expense.

Even when things look terrible, God is working his brilliant plan of salvation, Jesus the innocent, being put to death by cruel unjust leaders, God’s brilliant rescue plan for his people. Moses the baby, protected and saved by God will be used by Him to rescue his people.

What You Thought…..

What it must have been like for the women




Who had the better plan…..



Older ones spent time in the hot seat being interviewed on the events


great at thinking guys, can’t believe how many big words you know!!

Little one’s made amazing baskets and thought the cream was good, like our amazing saving God



Check out the 2 handed colouring, skills!


What terrible thing did Pharaoh order?

What was he worried about?

How is God different?

How does He show His  greater loving control?

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