God saves Rahab from Jericho

Bible Base – Joshua 2, 5:13 – 2:25

Do you love being on the winning team?

Imagine you are at Impact (on this Friday!) it’s cricket match time, you can see that the other team is winning, so you decide to sneak onto their team, so you can join in the winning celebration; but then you get spotted and booted out, and people complain that it’s not fair.  Well this Bible story is about someone who swaps teams to the winning side, how will God and His people react?

Team 1 – The In Team


What a team, they’ve got an impressive wall!  These are the cool, tough looking guys, who when you look with just your eyes seem like the winners.


Team 2 – The Out Team

These guys don’t look so great, no huge walls to protect them, no big city; but sometimes there is more than just what you can see, these guys have a huge, amazing saving God with them.

Rahab heard all that the amazing God of the Bible had done, she knew that the people of Jericho didn’t love or follow him, she knew there would be a fight, and the out team would win, so first chance she got, she swapped, she helped God’s people and made them promise to help her…..

sure enough disaster came to Jericho.


…. But Rahab with her red rope was rescued, she swapped to the winning team!

The Out Team


God saved Rahab from Jericho

When Rahab heard of all God had done to rescue His people she trusted He would rescue her too; and He did! How good is God!

God can save people who are His enemies and make them family.

God Saves!


The trumpet blast and shout meant rescue and victory for God’s people and disaster for all who said no to God.

Nobody gets to complain about it not bring fair that Rahab swapped, because none of us deserve to be on God’s team, we were all His enemies, we are only on His team because He is kind And saves us.

His team wins every time. To follow him in this life looking with only your eyes can feel like you are on the out team, not cool, not with the in crowd. Following God is tough now, but just what we see now isn’t it, there’s a much bigger, huger God, a much bigger huger amount of time and life God has promised His people. God’s out team wins, because we live by faith for what we have not yet seen, for what is out of this world!!

Your Work

building the walls


Walls are destroyed by God’s people obeying His word


Rahab is saved!


Walls can be shaken, cities can fall, God’s promise to save us will stand.

Once we are out in the world’s eyes, but trusting in God’s rescue we will never be shaken.


How many creative ways to use a Rahab red rope……


A wristband….


A hair braid….


A christmas tree decoration…. Good forward planning!


Door hanger – love it!

Your Thoughts

image image

Great thinking! It’s tough to follow God now, but it is best!

Brain Stretch

Read Joshua ch 2:1-13

Why did Rahab want to swap teams?

Rahab believed what she had heard and did something about it.

Read Hebrews 11:30-31

What did God’s people and Rahab have?

Read Romans 6:23

What disaster are we saved from, and how?

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  Living on the out team means remembering that God is bigger, his promises are out of this world, but He has saved us and promised to be with us as we follow him.

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