God Saves

Recap Week

God saved Noah from the flood – when the world was judged, Noah and his family were saved

God saved Joseph from harm – when his brothers planned to kill him, God saved him and used him to save others.

God saved Moses from Egypt – when Pharoah tried to be boss, God showed His power over everything and rescued His people

God saved Rahab from Jericho – When Jericho was destroyed, God rescued her and swapped her from enemy to family.


God has always been a saving God, he saves us from judgement, because Jesus took it for us, he saves us from death, because Jesus died in our place.  He saves us by His power over all to raise Jesus to life, and most amazingly He swaps us from being His enemies to being in His family by His grace.

Caleb’s Cool Quiz results….. Adults – 3, Kids – 3, oooohh tension!

Your Work


Thinking and making


Tying it it all together! see what we did there!


Amazing Work!

Can You See the big Picture, God Saves!

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