God saves Ruth from Starving

Bible Base – Ruth 1-4

A fabulous love story, with a handsome hero; but a really sad start.


Naomi and her family left God’s place and God’s people and went to live with God’s enemies, her boys married women from Moab YUCK!

To walk away from God ends in disaster! This family ends up in a mess.

The story starts with death and tears, Naomi’s husband dies, her boys die, she feels like she has nothing, she decides to turn back to God.


Amazingly Ruth decides to follow her, and even more amazingly, to follow her God.  Ruth the Moabitess, enemy of God, wants to be part of His family.

the women return, but with no one to care for them times are tough, their only way to get food is to pick up grain left behind in the farmers fields, only a farmer who loves God and follow his law will make sure there is food left for those in need


Times are tough, it’s hard work, who will save them?  They need a law keeping hero, so God sends one!


Brilliant, God loving law keeping Boaz!

Boaz rescues them by keeping God’s law. Boaz loves them by making them his family. By the end of the book, he’s married Ruth, given Naomi a home, and has a son, what an amazing end from a sad start!

God saved Ruth by sending a God loving law keeping hero, and changed her from being an enemy outside of  God’s people, to being family. WOW!


God does that for us by brilliant God loving law keeping Jesus.  We can be saved, and made part of God’s family because of Him.

Your Work


Gleaning the corn (flakes)


All harvested!


Making the food

(we didn’t use the Cornflakes from the floor, I assure you!)


God’s good provision



Not just saved from death, made part of His family.


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