God Saved Daniel From The Lions

Bible Base – Daniel 6


Daniel in the “lion’s Cage”

A new King Darius has replaced King Neb,

The name may be different, but he’s got the same big head!

Daniel works hard for Darius the King

His aim to Honour God the ruler of all things


Daniel loved to talk to God each day

He’d look back towards his home as he knelt to pray.

BUT, there were enemies in the Palace, jealous of Dan’s work

Saw his love for God, and it drove them all BIZERK!

They made a nasty plot, they made a terrible plan,

“I know a way we can trap this Godly man”


“Hey King Darius, you’re so cool

you should make an amazing rule

Pray to you alone, it’s the law

Or else you’ll hear the lion’s roar!”


So proud King D made a bad law

pray only to me or face the lion’s ROAR


The law was set as a trap for Dan

What would you do if you were this man?

Well Daniel did what He did every day

look out towards home, kneel before God and pray!

“HA HA! we’ve caught him, he’s breaking the law!

time for you to face the lion’s ROAR!”


“I’ve served you faithfully and worked hard King D

But God’s good perfect law says pray to only Me

God’s law says this, because He’s King of all kings

the maker and ruler of everything.”

King D regrets his big headed law

Now Daniel must face the lion’s that ROAR

He can’t change his words, he can’t help his friend,

King D controls nothing at all in the end.


that night he can’t sleep, he tosses about

goes back to the lion’s and gives Daniel a shout

“Daniel, please say your God has saved you

I’ve waited all night, and I’ve prayed that it’s true.”

Daniel answered, “I’m safe, and alive to this day

Thanks to the God to whom I pray.”

“He was with me to help me and save me from harm

He shut the mouths of the Lion’s and kept them all calm.”


King D was delighted, he scrapped his bad rule

and realised something totally cool

Daniel’s God is the one who saves

He alone deserves prayer and praise


He can control what a lion can do

He can control what can happen to you

He is the boss over everything

He is the greatest, the King of all Kings.

He deserves all prayer and praise

For He alone has the power to save.


Darius was a powerful King, but what couldn’t he do?

What did he control?

What didn’t he control?

What did God show He could control?

What did God do?

God is the only one who rules all things, he can tell lion’s what to do.  This powerful mighty God saves people who turn to Him, WOW!

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