God Saved Jonah from the Sea

Bible Base – Jonah 1-4

It’s not every week you come to church in your dressing gown, and find there’s a boat at the front!


…. But then it’s not every week, we learn about Jonah!


Jonah, the prophet, God’s message deliverer.

Happy to deliver God’s message to God’s people, to people who looked like him, and thought like him.  So when God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, Jonah said..

“EURGH! No way!  Those people are scum,

they don’t deserve to hear about what God has done!”


So Jonah legs it off the other way

finds a group of sailors setting off that very day!

So Jonah climbs on board and settles down for forty winks,

God sends a storm that rocks them, the boat will surely sink!


The frightened sailors call out to any god they know

“Hey Jonah, we’re gonna drown out here, so give your God a go”

“The one true God who rules all things sent this storm because of me

To tell you, and remind me that he rules the land and sea.

if you lot all want to live, there’s 1 thing you must do

chuck me over in the sea, you’ll see what I’ve said is true.”


Into the sea Jonah’s thrown with an almighty splash!

the storm is still and silent now, but Jonah’s sinking fast

Down deep in the darkest depths, God sends a rescue fish

It swallows Jonah whole and carries out God’s every wish


Down in the deep dark sea Jonah realises “I’m scum”

“I need God’s good kind rescue too, to hear of all He’s done.”

From the fish God hears him, and saves him from his death

the fish sicks Jonah onto the land, imagine smelling of fish breath!


Jonah now goes off to Nineveh, and takes a message this time.

“40 days, and then you’re dead, tomorrow will be 39!”

the people of Nineveh cry out to God, please save us we are scum

God hears and God forgives them, hearts in Nineveh are won.


How about my heart, have I realised I’m scum?

That I need God’s good kind rescue too, to hear of all He’s done

How about my heart, has God’s rescue made it change?

Or are there just some people I think God should never save.

Your Work






Who is the naughtiest kid in your class?

Imagine I gave you a mission to save them a seat every lunch time, invite them to play with your stuff, come to your party!  That would be tough! That’s like what God asked Jonah to do.

Read Jonah 1 v 15-16 – who saved the sailors?

Read Jonah 2 v 9 – who saved Jonah?

Read Jonah 3 v 10 – who saved all of Nineveh?

If God loves to save, and is gracious and compassionate, what kind of people of people should we be? How can we be God’s messengers to people around us, even those we may not like!

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