Jesus Saves a Man

Bible Base – John 11:1-44

It’s always better to be with Jesus.

Jesus had some great friends, some of the people he really loved was a family, 2 sisters, Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus.


As you can see, Lazarus was not feeling too great, in fact he got so sick, his sisters were really worried, they sent for Jesus;

But Jesus didn’t come, he waited………

and waited…….

and waited…….

not because he didn’t love Lazarus, but because He wanted everyone to understand who He was, and what He had come to do.

Lazarus died, his family cried and cried, they wrapped his body in strips of cloth


It wasn’t good


They put his body into a tomb, this is like a cave used as a grave, and put a rock in front as a door


Then Jesus came

He saw the sadness death causes, he saw his hurting friends, and he cried with them.  Death was not part of God’s good plan.  Death happens because our world is spoiled by sin, our bodies grow old and wear out, or sickness and disaster come;  But Jesus is the saviour God sent to sort it out.

So Jesus spoke powerful life giving words,

“Lazarus, come out!”

and he did!


Jesus raised Lazarus to show he can beat sin and death.

Only God can do that!

Jesus raises his friend to be with him, there in Bethany with Jesus was the best place for Lazarus to be.

It’s always best to be with Jesus, he raises his friends who die to be with him where he is now, not in Bethany in Israel, but in heaven.


Jesus Saves, He saves girls, boys, women, men.

He saves from sin in life and is with us by his spirit to help us live as his friends.  He saves us in death so we can be with Him where He is.

It’s always best to be with Jesus!


Jesus Saves a Woman

Bible Base – Mark 5:24-34

There was a lady who had been sick for 12 long years, imagine, that’s longer than most of you have been alive!!  She had tried every doctor, she’d spent lots of money on medicines


nothing had worked.  She felt horrible all the time, she didn’t want to be around people, and people didn’t want to be around her, it must have been hard and lonely.


 She heard Jesus was in town, she knew he could help her, but where Jesus went, crowds followed!  There was pushing and jostling as everyone tried to get near Jesus, she couldn’t get close.


This lady knew she didn’t even have to speak to Jesus, if she could just touch a bit of his cloak, she would be OK.  So when there was just enough of a space, she reached out and touched the edge of his cloak.


That second, she was made well…… AMAZING!!

Jesus stopped and spoke, “who touched me?”

lots of people had touched him in the busy crowd, but only this lady had reached out to Jesus in faith as the only one who could help her.  Jesus said.

“daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace, and be free”

WOW! No-one else could do that.  Jesus saves and sets us free.


This lady knew who Jesus was, knew He was the only one who could help her.  She forgot about the crowd and went to him, believing He was all she needed.  She was saved, and more than that, this lady, used to being left out and feeling horrible, he called her daughter!  Her problem was sorted, she was saved to be in His family.

 That’s what faith in Jesus does for us, sorts out our horrible big sin problem, and makes us part of Jesus’ family.

Faith is hands on!  Hands in, hands getting messy…



Great Work


Just touching his cloak was enough..


Some top fashion designers amongst us designed some cloaks with hand prints to remind us of the woman’s faith


and the little ones did some finger painting on their cloaks.



lets forget the crowd, remember who Jesus is, and reach out to him in faith to save us and help us.

Jesus Saves A Boy

Bible Base – John 4:46-54

Another important man comes to Jesus for help, this time he is a Royal Official!  Lots of connections with lots of important people, probably lots of money, but when his son’s life hangs in the balance the only person he can come to for help is Jesus.

A frightened Dad comes to Jesus and says “please come and help my sick boy”


The boy is a good half days journey away in Capernaum, Jesus is in Cana, what will he do?  Send Calpol?  Send a first aid kit, will he rush straight there to hold his hand and make him better?

You know what He did,  he just said, “go home, your boy is better”.

This Dad took Jesus “at his word” and went away, when he got home the next day, what did he find?  His son healthy and happy?  What time did it happen?  The moment Jesus spoke…….

Just the words of Jesus were enough to bring life to a boy miles away!! WOW!!



When we tell people what to do, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t, what happens when Jesus speaks?

Is it easier to help people when you are with them or far away?


Remember “passing” the egg, it was easier when we were close….

But when we we’re far away, much harder….

ok, so the eggs were hard boiled, but you got the idea!!  Jesus only had to use his words to bring life, because He is the life bringing Son of God, He is God’s word in action on earth.


If His words are that cool, we should read them!!


Lets check we’ve got it, put the cartoon strip of events in the right order…



When we take Jesus at His word, we believe who he is and that He has power to save us, it changes everything.  The Dad and everyone in the house believed in Jesus that day.


Jesus saves!

Jesus Saves a Little Girl

Bible Base – Luke 8:40-56

We’ve been learning that God is a saving God, throughout all of the Bible we have seen God save His people from all kinds of trouble.  Now we see that God’s son Jesus saves too!

Who will Jesus save, someone important, someone famous?  No this week we learned that Jesus saved a little girl!  A little girl who was really sick.


Her Dad was an important leader in the church, he knew lots of important people, but when his little girl was so sick, the only one who could help was Jesus, he knelt down in front of him and pleaded with him to help.

Jesus went to help, but before they got to the house messengers arrived to say, “it’s too late she is dead”

Jesus told the Dad, “don’t be afraid, just believe”

Jesus was teaching us something about what He can save us from, “this little girl has not died, she is sleeping”


You see for everyone who believes in Jesus, when we die, it is only like sleeping until Jesus wakes us up to be with him.  So when Jesus went to the little girls body, and held her hand and said, “little girl, get up” she did!


And she wasn’t just a tiny bit better, so she could lie on the sofa and have dry toast, she was totally better, she could eat and run around.  WOW!

Jesus saves, from the power of death to make it just like sleep until he wakes us to be with a Him.  He tells us not to be afraid, but to believe.

 You are never too old an important that you don’t need Jesus, you are never too young and “insignificant”, the little girl, we don’t even get to know her name, but Jesus saved her.  Jesus saves children, you’re never too young to need Him.


Jesus saves!  Great news, worth sharing, with everyone!