Jesus Saves A Boy

Bible Base – John 4:46-54

Another important man comes to Jesus for help, this time he is a Royal Official!  Lots of connections with lots of important people, probably lots of money, but when his son’s life hangs in the balance the only person he can come to for help is Jesus.

A frightened Dad comes to Jesus and says “please come and help my sick boy”


The boy is a good half days journey away in Capernaum, Jesus is in Cana, what will he do?  Send Calpol?  Send a first aid kit, will he rush straight there to hold his hand and make him better?

You know what He did,  he just said, “go home, your boy is better”.

This Dad took Jesus “at his word” and went away, when he got home the next day, what did he find?  His son healthy and happy?  What time did it happen?  The moment Jesus spoke…….

Just the words of Jesus were enough to bring life to a boy miles away!! WOW!!



When we tell people what to do, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t, what happens when Jesus speaks?

Is it easier to help people when you are with them or far away?


Remember “passing” the egg, it was easier when we were close….

But when we we’re far away, much harder….

ok, so the eggs were hard boiled, but you got the idea!!  Jesus only had to use his words to bring life, because He is the life bringing Son of God, He is God’s word in action on earth.


If His words are that cool, we should read them!!


Lets check we’ve got it, put the cartoon strip of events in the right order…



When we take Jesus at His word, we believe who he is and that He has power to save us, it changes everything.  The Dad and everyone in the house believed in Jesus that day.


Jesus saves!

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