Jesus Saves a Man

Bible Base – John 11:1-44

It’s always better to be with Jesus.

Jesus had some great friends, some of the people he really loved was a family, 2 sisters, Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus.


As you can see, Lazarus was not feeling too great, in fact he got so sick, his sisters were really worried, they sent for Jesus;

But Jesus didn’t come, he waited………

and waited…….

and waited…….

not because he didn’t love Lazarus, but because He wanted everyone to understand who He was, and what He had come to do.

Lazarus died, his family cried and cried, they wrapped his body in strips of cloth


It wasn’t good


They put his body into a tomb, this is like a cave used as a grave, and put a rock in front as a door


Then Jesus came

He saw the sadness death causes, he saw his hurting friends, and he cried with them.  Death was not part of God’s good plan.  Death happens because our world is spoiled by sin, our bodies grow old and wear out, or sickness and disaster come;  But Jesus is the saviour God sent to sort it out.

So Jesus spoke powerful life giving words,

“Lazarus, come out!”

and he did!


Jesus raised Lazarus to show he can beat sin and death.

Only God can do that!

Jesus raises his friend to be with him, there in Bethany with Jesus was the best place for Lazarus to be.

It’s always best to be with Jesus, he raises his friends who die to be with him where he is now, not in Bethany in Israel, but in heaven.


Jesus Saves, He saves girls, boys, women, men.

He saves from sin in life and is with us by his spirit to help us live as his friends.  He saves us in death so we can be with Him where He is.

It’s always best to be with Jesus!


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