Jesus does not save Himself

Mark 15:21-41

Jesus does not save Himself, but gives Himself to save us.


As He dies in the place of sinners we see 3 big things happening that help us understand what Jesus’ death does for us.

First, suddenly it goes dark in the middle of the day!  The sun was blocked out, it was totally dark For 3 hours.


This was God showing us what was happening to Jesus on the cross, all the punishment of our sin poured out on Jesus, as Jesus was cut off from God in the darkness of sin, he shouted out how it felt.

“My God, My God, why have you left me.”

Second, a curtain in the temple is ripped from top to bottom


This is God showing us what Jesus has made possible by his death.

in the temple, the place where God’s people had met with Him, there was a special place where God came to meet with His people called the Holy of Holies.


 Because God is so good and perfect, so just and holy, He can’t let sin be in His presence.  This curtain was there to show that sinful people like us can’t be friends with Him.

So when the curtain ripped..


The way to God was open, Jesus had taken away our sin so we could be with God, nothing stands in the way.

Third thing, what the soldier said.


He saw it all happen, He saw how Jesus died, He said.

“Surely this man was the son of God”

a tough soldier, in charge of an execution squad, he’s seen people die on crosses before. He knew this was different.  He put His trust in Jesus, the son of God to save Him.

Jesus can save us, because He did not save Himself.




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