The Sermon on the Mount


Jesus took His followers up a mountain, and taught them what it means to live for Him, What people who Belong to His Kingdom are like.


We are going to learn what it means to live for Jesus today, how we should be different as His followers, and have an expedition of our own!

Week 1 – Pack Your Bag

Matthew 5:1-3


What do we take to Jesus, what can we bring to live for Him?

My long prayers? my big fat Bible? My good deeds, is that what I need to follow Jesus?

Jesus told us that, “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

the poor, those without anything, are accepted and approved by God and part of His Kingdom

What I need to follow Jesus and live for Him is to understand that I bring nothing, an empty bag, and trust Jesus for everything.

Mountain Time!


Follow the right way



Keep going even if it’s tough!


Bravely Stand Out


Ask Advice from people who’ve been there before you


Beware of Danger


Enjoy the View!


Scare people looking after you ……….. Optional!


All down Safely!

ready to take what we learn on the mountain to live for Jesus


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