Stand Out For Jesus

Bible Base – Matthew 5:13-16

When we live for Jesus we are different.

We stand out in the world like…….




Salt is amazing, it only takes a tiny bit to make a massive difference, salt adds flavour, it stops the rot, it makes food taste noticeably different


As noticeable as pickled onion monster munch in a world of plain crisps, or a fresh apple in a mouldy fruit bowl

We should stand out for Jesus where He puts us


In our dark dens, you could really see the light shine,

Our lights should shine bravely in a dark world, not be hidden away.


So people think we are “brilliant”?


Matthew 5:16 NIV
[16] In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

so people know how BRILLIANT God is.

Life lived in the dark is tough, remember how much harder it was to do the obstacle course with a blindfold on.

As our very own Olivia Newton John demonstrates!

 That’s like life without Jesus, difficult in the dark

life without Jesus is dull, rotting and flavourless.  The world needs our flavour bringing light.



So when your friends ask you in school, what did you do at the weekend, will you say, ” I went to church, it was boss, I did a blindfold obstacle course in my roller boots and ate strong crisps to learn how to stand out for Jesus”


Go on, I dare you!

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