Love – Even when it hurts!

Bible Base – Matthew 4:43-48


Jesus is teaching His followers on the mountain how we should live for Him.

Who should we love?  Who should we be kind to?

This is Green


Green has different people in his life, some who are lovely and kind to him, meet Yellow,


Yellow is a friend.

But green has other people in his life, who are not kind, who are mean and nasty, meet Blue!


You can’t see it in this picture, but he just spat in his eye!  Blue is an enemy for sure!

So who do you think green should be mates with?


Well the Bible teaching Pharisee experts said, God says “love your neighbour”, so that means be nice to people who are nice to you, and it’s OK to hate your enemy.  But Jesus said, “LOVE your enemy, pray for those who are mean to you.”

Who should Green be friends with?



Jesus asks us to do what is really hard, how is that possible?

When we remember what Jesus has done for us, how even on the cross he prayed for those who were hurting Him.

When we understand that Jesus died to save us when we were still His enemies,

This love will fill our hearts.


And reach out to all around us


Jesus gave His life so we can be friends with God again.

This same Jesus asks us to follow Him, to be like Him, and He promises to be with us to help us.


Love, even when it hurts!


Pray for those who are mean to you


Stand out for Jesus, by being like Him.

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