Pray For God’s Help

Living for Jesus means we are different because we pray for God’s help.

Bible Base – Matt 7:7-12

Remember Josh’s difficult maths homework?

He asked for help…..


He did some searching for answers…..


And in the end, he decided the best person to ask, was the one who made the question, he went and “knocked on”


He got the help he needed to do the work by asking, seeking and knocking.

God will give us all we need to live for Him when we come to the one who “set the work” and ask, seek and knock for help.

Remember the impossible challenge, get the ball in the box without crossing the line!  you had to ask for help!


It’s impossible to live for Jesus without His help!  So pray!


Making door hangers to remember knocking for help


Making personal prayer diaries..



Write it down, and look back to see how God answers!

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