God Provides for His People

Bible Base – Exodus 16

God gives His people what they need

it’s a month after God’s people have been set free from Egypt and walked through the Red Sea, they are camping in the desert, and they are moaning BIG TIME!


Majorly grumpy, complaining at God because they had no food to eat, as if the God who sends plagues and splits seas can’t sort snacks !?

They don’t come to God asking for help, they kick off at Moses saying they wished they were back in Egypt!  SOOoooo ungrateful!

What does God do?

Zap them like they deserve?


No he sends them donuts for breakfast, and chicken drumsticks for tea, (near enough) it’s an as much as you can eat buffet laid on each and every day!

But they have to learn to trust God every day for just that day by obeying him, they only take what they need each day for that day.


Collecting the manna


Obeying the instructions so we can….

Trade in the right amount for donuts!


Thinking about God’s care for us, how He provides for us each day


He fills our “plates” with good things..



He gives us so much, it’s even bursting off the sides!



God’s care is over and above us, more than we understand


God is good, He Cares, He gives us what we need and yet do not deserve each day!

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