“I Am the bread of life”

John 6:25

Bread of life

Jesus fed over 5000 people with 1 small boys lunch box, WOW! Tuna butties for everyone! The crowd were amazed! They would all remember how God fed His people with bread from heaven, they wondered who Jesus was, and went after Him…. I mean, free food, who wouldn’t!

Jesus explained that we need Him even more than we need food!

Bread of life

That must mean we need Him a lot and often!

Jesus broke the bread and shared it out, this is a picture of what He will do at the cross, so He break himself, and give himself for us.

He breaks His body on the cross to be our Saviour.

I need Jesus more than anything else!

Remember what we learned, remember the pitta bread pizzas? Remember Sam’s fish pizza?

Remember, you need Jesus A LOT, and ALL THE TIME!

Jesus said “I Am”

New Series!

Jesus Said I Am and then He gave an illustration, an example to help us understand something BIG about who He is, and how we can understand more about God through Him.

Bread of life

John, one of Jesus’s best mates wrote down in His gospel 7 “I Am” statements that Jesus made. Hopefully by the end of this series you’ll know them all!