“I Am The Light of the World”

John 8:12, 9:1-12

Jesus said it….

“I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” NIV.


Jesus Showed it


He opened the eyes of the blind man, he was brought from darkness to light by meeting Jesus.

Just like light beats the dark, just like taking off a blindfold, that is the difference that knowing Jesus makes.

Jesus can beat the dark!

He beats the darkness of the sin that spoils!

“I Am the bread of life”

John 6:25

Bread of life

Jesus fed over 5000 people with 1 small boys lunch box, WOW! Tuna butties for everyone! The crowd were amazed! They would all remember how God fed His people with bread from heaven, they wondered who Jesus was, and went after Him…. I mean, free food, who wouldn’t!

Jesus explained that we need Him even more than we need food!

Bread of life

That must mean we need Him a lot and often!

Jesus broke the bread and shared it out, this is a picture of what He will do at the cross, so He break himself, and give himself for us.

He breaks His body on the cross to be our Saviour.

I need Jesus more than anything else!

Remember what we learned, remember the pitta bread pizzas? Remember Sam’s fish pizza?

Remember, you need Jesus A LOT, and ALL THE TIME!

Jesus said “I Am”

New Series!

Jesus Said I Am and then He gave an illustration, an example to help us understand something BIG about who He is, and how we can understand more about God through Him.

Bread of life

John, one of Jesus’s best mates wrote down in His gospel 7 “I Am” statements that Jesus made. Hopefully by the end of this series you’ll know them all!

God Provides for His People

Bible Base – Exodus 16

God gives His people what they need

it’s a month after God’s people have been set free from Egypt and walked through the Red Sea, they are camping in the desert, and they are moaning BIG TIME!


Majorly grumpy, complaining at God because they had no food to eat, as if the God who sends plagues and splits seas can’t sort snacks !?

They don’t come to God asking for help, they kick off at Moses saying they wished they were back in Egypt!  SOOoooo ungrateful!

What does God do?

Zap them like they deserve?


No he sends them donuts for breakfast, and chicken drumsticks for tea, (near enough) it’s an as much as you can eat buffet laid on each and every day!

But they have to learn to trust God every day for just that day by obeying him, they only take what they need each day for that day.


Collecting the manna


Obeying the instructions so we can….

Trade in the right amount for donuts!


Thinking about God’s care for us, how He provides for us each day


He fills our “plates” with good things..



He gives us so much, it’s even bursting off the sides!



God’s care is over and above us, more than we understand


God is good, He Cares, He gives us what we need and yet do not deserve each day!



He Provides for His people

He Cares for the Helpless

He Cares for the Outcast

He Cares for His Enemies

He Gives Hope to the Hopeless


This term we are going to look across the Bible at God’s care for His people in the Old Testament, how Jesus shows the same care in the gospels, and how Jesus’ followers reflect the same care in the early church.

Pray For God’s Help

Living for Jesus means we are different because we pray for God’s help.

Bible Base – Matt 7:7-12

Remember Josh’s difficult maths homework?

He asked for help…..


He did some searching for answers…..


And in the end, he decided the best person to ask, was the one who made the question, he went and “knocked on”


He got the help he needed to do the work by asking, seeking and knocking.

God will give us all we need to live for Him when we come to the one who “set the work” and ask, seek and knock for help.

Remember the impossible challenge, get the ball in the box without crossing the line!  you had to ask for help!


It’s impossible to live for Jesus without His help!  So pray!


Making door hangers to remember knocking for help


Making personal prayer diaries..



Write it down, and look back to see how God answers!

Do Not Worry – Trust Our Good God

Living For Jesus means we are different because we trust God to give us what we need and not worry.

Bible Base: Matt 6:25-34

God is our loving Heavenly Father He knows what we need, and He knows how to give good things!  We have food to eat and clothes to wear, and all kinds of brilliant things because God is good!


Our lunch boxes are full each day!


When we remember how good God is, and that He doesn’t make mistakes it will help us to trust Him, and not worry.

When we Live for Jesus we remember what matters and don’t spend all of our time worrying about clothes, food and money.


You designed some amazing outfits, it’s great to wear nice things!  But remember how stressed Chloe got about getting ready for that party?

She needed to remember that having a heart made more beautiful every day by following Jesus was more important than just what she was wearing!


God made the flowers beautiful, He doesn’t make mistakes, he made you as you are on the outside, he wants a heart that looks beautiful by living for Jesus.


God made the birds, they don’t have supermarkets or kitchens, they know that they will find what they need.


The same Good God cares for us, trust Him and do not let worry grow in your heart.



So when you look in the mirror, remember the God who makes the flowers beautiful and feeds the birds can be trusted to care for you, and give you all you need to live for Him.


Live – For what lasts

Bible Base – Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus taught us on the mountain how to live for Him.

We’re mountain top living for the King of Kings.


2 kinds of Treasure


1 you can keep, 1 you can’t!

1 in heaven, 1 on earth

Jesus taught that the things of this world don’t last, so they are not what matters most.

 Jesus and what he promises us is what we will keep forever.

That’s real treasure!

Remember the 2 different treasure boxes


That out of date phone, those terrible glasses, that too small kit!

All treasure he couldn’t keep, treasure that wore out, treasure that could be spoilt or stolen, treasure on earth.

Things we should use and enjoy by remembering it doesn’t last and isn’t what matters most.


The other treasure box was full of stuff that seemed worthless, an old badge, juice bottle, sunglasses?

But they were things we made at Holiday Bible club, the bits were there to remind him of the things he learned about Jesus that he would never forget, a treasure that will last!

Your Work


Making a time line of how long things last


Making treasure boxes


Re-designing an advert so it told the truth!


A treasure box, filled with reminders of how to live for Jesus.

a light, a bag of salt, a heart for others


Jesus is the best treasure, we’ll never lose Him, He’s always with us.

Through Him we are forgiven and promised heaven.

Love – Even when it hurts!

Bible Base – Matthew 4:43-48


Jesus is teaching His followers on the mountain how we should live for Him.

Who should we love?  Who should we be kind to?

This is Green


Green has different people in his life, some who are lovely and kind to him, meet Yellow,


Yellow is a friend.

But green has other people in his life, who are not kind, who are mean and nasty, meet Blue!


You can’t see it in this picture, but he just spat in his eye!  Blue is an enemy for sure!

So who do you think green should be mates with?


Well the Bible teaching Pharisee experts said, God says “love your neighbour”, so that means be nice to people who are nice to you, and it’s OK to hate your enemy.  But Jesus said, “LOVE your enemy, pray for those who are mean to you.”

Who should Green be friends with?



Jesus asks us to do what is really hard, how is that possible?

When we remember what Jesus has done for us, how even on the cross he prayed for those who were hurting Him.

When we understand that Jesus died to save us when we were still His enemies,

This love will fill our hearts.


And reach out to all around us


Jesus gave His life so we can be friends with God again.

This same Jesus asks us to follow Him, to be like Him, and He promises to be with us to help us.


Love, even when it hurts!


Pray for those who are mean to you


Stand out for Jesus, by being like Him.

Stand Out For Jesus

Bible Base – Matthew 5:13-16

When we live for Jesus we are different.

We stand out in the world like…….




Salt is amazing, it only takes a tiny bit to make a massive difference, salt adds flavour, it stops the rot, it makes food taste noticeably different


As noticeable as pickled onion monster munch in a world of plain crisps, or a fresh apple in a mouldy fruit bowl

We should stand out for Jesus where He puts us


In our dark dens, you could really see the light shine,

Our lights should shine bravely in a dark world, not be hidden away.


So people think we are “brilliant”?


Matthew 5:16 NIV
[16] In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

so people know how BRILLIANT God is.

Life lived in the dark is tough, remember how much harder it was to do the obstacle course with a blindfold on.

As our very own Olivia Newton John demonstrates!

 That’s like life without Jesus, difficult in the dark

life without Jesus is dull, rotting and flavourless.  The world needs our flavour bringing light.



So when your friends ask you in school, what did you do at the weekend, will you say, ” I went to church, it was boss, I did a blindfold obstacle course in my roller boots and ate strong crisps to learn how to stand out for Jesus”


Go on, I dare you!