God Saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego In the Firey Furnace

Bible Base – Daniel 3


2 Different king’s

2 Different Laws

king Neb with a big head

the 1 True God who’s law is good.

Who Will you Worship?

King Neb, with a big head, made a MASSIVE golden statue and set it on a plain so all could see it.  He made a sort of party game, when the music stops bow to my statue, worship me, say I’m the best, celebrate me!


The 1 True God who’s law is good, who saves His people says I am The Lord your God, I alone deserve worship, do not make an idol and bow down and worship it.

King Neb with a big head, us nothing like the 1 true  God who’s law is good.  The law King Neb made was bad, worship me, or be thrown into the Fire!

Worship me, not because I’m good and deserve it, but because I’m bad and I demand it.


Our 3 young guys are faced with a terrifyingly tough choice.  They decide to obey the 1 true God, no matter what, because He can save; but even if he doesn’t we trust Him. WOW!

They refuse to bow.


Now that’s heroic!

King Neb goes proper nuts and throws them into an even hotter blazing furnace.


Hang on a minute, only 3 went in, there’s 4 in there, and 1 looks like a son of the god’s.

God saved Rach, Shach and Benny in the fire by sending His son to save and protect them.  What an awesomely good God.  He alone deserves worship, loving, celebrating. King Neb changes His bad law to a better one (although still not good)

v 29 People of any nation or language who say anything against the God of these guys will have their house knocked down.

But he did learn what we need to… No other god can save in this way.


What things do we love, celebrate, tell everyone about?

Do we love, celebrate and tell everyone about God and all He has done?

Read Dan 3 v 16 – 18

What did they know God could do?

How did it help them?

How is God different from King Neb?

What did God do in verse 25?


With us to save us.

when we understand what God is like and what he has done, we will love and worship Him.