“I Am The Light of the World”

John 8:12, 9:1-12

Jesus said it….

“I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” NIV.


Jesus Showed it


He opened the eyes of the blind man, he was brought from darkness to light by meeting Jesus.

Just like light beats the dark, just like taking off a blindfold, that is the difference that knowing Jesus makes.

Jesus can beat the dark!

He beats the darkness of the sin that spoils!

“I Am the bread of life”

John 6:25

Bread of life

Jesus fed over 5000 people with 1 small boys lunch box, WOW! Tuna butties for everyone! The crowd were amazed! They would all remember how God fed His people with bread from heaven, they wondered who Jesus was, and went after Him…. I mean, free food, who wouldn’t!

Jesus explained that we need Him even more than we need food!

Bread of life

That must mean we need Him a lot and often!

Jesus broke the bread and shared it out, this is a picture of what He will do at the cross, so He break himself, and give himself for us.

He breaks His body on the cross to be our Saviour.

I need Jesus more than anything else!

Remember what we learned, remember the pitta bread pizzas? Remember Sam’s fish pizza?

Remember, you need Jesus A LOT, and ALL THE TIME!

Jesus said “I Am”

New Series!

Jesus Said I Am and then He gave an illustration, an example to help us understand something BIG about who He is, and how we can understand more about God through Him.

Bread of life

John, one of Jesus’s best mates wrote down in His gospel 7 “I Am” statements that Jesus made. Hopefully by the end of this series you’ll know them all!

Do Not Worry – Trust Our Good God

Living For Jesus means we are different because we trust God to give us what we need and not worry.

Bible Base: Matt 6:25-34

God is our loving Heavenly Father He knows what we need, and He knows how to give good things!  We have food to eat and clothes to wear, and all kinds of brilliant things because God is good!


Our lunch boxes are full each day!


When we remember how good God is, and that He doesn’t make mistakes it will help us to trust Him, and not worry.

When we Live for Jesus we remember what matters and don’t spend all of our time worrying about clothes, food and money.


You designed some amazing outfits, it’s great to wear nice things!  But remember how stressed Chloe got about getting ready for that party?

She needed to remember that having a heart made more beautiful every day by following Jesus was more important than just what she was wearing!


God made the flowers beautiful, He doesn’t make mistakes, he made you as you are on the outside, he wants a heart that looks beautiful by living for Jesus.


God made the birds, they don’t have supermarkets or kitchens, they know that they will find what they need.


The same Good God cares for us, trust Him and do not let worry grow in your heart.



So when you look in the mirror, remember the God who makes the flowers beautiful and feeds the birds can be trusted to care for you, and give you all you need to live for Him.


Live – For what lasts

Bible Base – Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus taught us on the mountain how to live for Him.

We’re mountain top living for the King of Kings.


2 kinds of Treasure


1 you can keep, 1 you can’t!

1 in heaven, 1 on earth

Jesus taught that the things of this world don’t last, so they are not what matters most.

 Jesus and what he promises us is what we will keep forever.

That’s real treasure!

Remember the 2 different treasure boxes


That out of date phone, those terrible glasses, that too small kit!

All treasure he couldn’t keep, treasure that wore out, treasure that could be spoilt or stolen, treasure on earth.

Things we should use and enjoy by remembering it doesn’t last and isn’t what matters most.


The other treasure box was full of stuff that seemed worthless, an old badge, juice bottle, sunglasses?

But they were things we made at Holiday Bible club, the bits were there to remind him of the things he learned about Jesus that he would never forget, a treasure that will last!

Your Work


Making a time line of how long things last


Making treasure boxes


Re-designing an advert so it told the truth!


A treasure box, filled with reminders of how to live for Jesus.

a light, a bag of salt, a heart for others


Jesus is the best treasure, we’ll never lose Him, He’s always with us.

Through Him we are forgiven and promised heaven.

Love – Even when it hurts!

Bible Base – Matthew 4:43-48


Jesus is teaching His followers on the mountain how we should live for Him.

Who should we love?  Who should we be kind to?

This is Green


Green has different people in his life, some who are lovely and kind to him, meet Yellow,


Yellow is a friend.

But green has other people in his life, who are not kind, who are mean and nasty, meet Blue!


You can’t see it in this picture, but he just spat in his eye!  Blue is an enemy for sure!

So who do you think green should be mates with?


Well the Bible teaching Pharisee experts said, God says “love your neighbour”, so that means be nice to people who are nice to you, and it’s OK to hate your enemy.  But Jesus said, “LOVE your enemy, pray for those who are mean to you.”

Who should Green be friends with?



Jesus asks us to do what is really hard, how is that possible?

When we remember what Jesus has done for us, how even on the cross he prayed for those who were hurting Him.

When we understand that Jesus died to save us when we were still His enemies,

This love will fill our hearts.


And reach out to all around us


Jesus gave His life so we can be friends with God again.

This same Jesus asks us to follow Him, to be like Him, and He promises to be with us to help us.


Love, even when it hurts!


Pray for those who are mean to you


Stand out for Jesus, by being like Him.

Jesus does not save Himself

Mark 15:21-41

Jesus does not save Himself, but gives Himself to save us.


As He dies in the place of sinners we see 3 big things happening that help us understand what Jesus’ death does for us.

First, suddenly it goes dark in the middle of the day!  The sun was blocked out, it was totally dark For 3 hours.


This was God showing us what was happening to Jesus on the cross, all the punishment of our sin poured out on Jesus, as Jesus was cut off from God in the darkness of sin, he shouted out how it felt.

“My God, My God, why have you left me.”

Second, a curtain in the temple is ripped from top to bottom


This is God showing us what Jesus has made possible by his death.

in the temple, the place where God’s people had met with Him, there was a special place where God came to meet with His people called the Holy of Holies.


 Because God is so good and perfect, so just and holy, He can’t let sin be in His presence.  This curtain was there to show that sinful people like us can’t be friends with Him.

So when the curtain ripped..


The way to God was open, Jesus had taken away our sin so we could be with God, nothing stands in the way.

Third thing, what the soldier said.


He saw it all happen, He saw how Jesus died, He said.

“Surely this man was the son of God”

a tough soldier, in charge of an execution squad, he’s seen people die on crosses before. He knew this was different.  He put His trust in Jesus, the son of God to save Him.

Jesus can save us, because He did not save Himself.




Jesus Saves A Sinner

Bible Base – Luke 23: 32-43

Jesus, who only ever did good, kind and brilliant things, has been thrown in prison.

worse than that, the religious leaders and the officials in charge if the city have decided he should be out to death on a cross, the worst punishment. Why?  Because He said he is the son of God., but that’s true!!  Jesus has done nothing wrong.

either side of Jesus were 2 guilty Criminals, only the worst of criminals were put on a cross


The guys either side of Jesus were guilty, their hearts were in a mess.

one shouted at Jesus, “come on, if you’re a saviour, save yourself, and us!”

the other man said “don’t you fear God, he’s done nothing wrong, we are getting what we deserve, Jesus remember me when you go to your kingdom”

Jesus said something amazing to him, “today you will be with me in heaven”

Jesus did not save Himself on the cross, but gave his life to save sinners, he did the most amazing swap


Jesus offers his perfection in exchange for our sin.

What a saviour!

remember the guys in church swapping shirts?

At the end of a football game, players often swap shirts, and there’s sometimes a queue for the best players shirt!  you would want the best players shirt, because it’s a bit like having their reputation.  Jesus gives us his reputation, his perfect record in exchange for our sin.

We’ve seen over the last few weeks how Jesus saves all kinds of people, girls, a young man, a woman, a man, they all shared the same problem we all share, a heart in a mess, a life stained by sin.  They all need Jesus.

Jesus saved a sinner on the cross, he can do the same for me.

God Saved Joseph from the pit

Bible Base – Genesis 37

God’s family is growing. Jacob has 12 sons, 12 boys!!  Imagine the smell!! Imagine the hand me downs. No wonder a new coat was such a big deal!

september 038

Joseph’s father gave him a special coloured coat – here’s some Joseph coloured biscuits we made, and ate!!

september 041

God’s family is meant to show the world what He is like, and instead what do we see? A family fighting, messed up by favouritism. So when God speaks to Joseph in a dream, his brothers aren’t happy to hear, they let hatred grow in their hearts, and plan to get rid of Joseph.  They throw him in a deep pit, and plan to leave him for dead

september 040 september 039

Joseph stuck in the pit.

But just at the right time, God sends travelling salesmen from Egypt.  The brothers decide to sell him to them.

God saves Joseph from the pit!

september 037

Look he’s popped out!

God will use Joseph amazingly to save others.  He has an amazing plan for him, that we’ll learn more about, but right now he’s learning to trust God when it’s tough.

God can save from a pit of death, and use us to bring life to the world.

Remember looking round church and the leisure centre to find things that save?

september 035 september 034 september 033


What does God save us from?

Why does he save us?

Remember turning round to look at our church? We are one big family God can use to save others.

september 045

God saved Joseph from the pit

God can save me!

God Saves Noah from the flood


Bible Base – Genesis 6 v 5 – 8 v 22

God is grieved by a world gone wrong, He plans a new start.
Noah finds favour in God’s eyes; God promises to save him and his family from the judgement He will send.
God told Noah to build a huge boat

noah 003

Noah and his family entered the ark, and God sent the animals in pairs it rained a lot! 40 days, 40 sleeps!

 september 010 september 007

God kept them safe inside the ark, when it had all dried up God brought them safely out of the ark.  Noah and all his family were so thankful that God had kept them safe.  God hung a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise not to send a flood like that again.

noah 004

What we made to help us remember

Paper plates attached together back to back and filled with animal biscuits.

noah 002

Small laminated boat with “God saved Noah from the flood” , roll and put inside a bottle, add water and blue food colouring, top up with baby oil, blue water and oil separates in bottle.

september 047

Our rainbow decorated rescue ring, no it wasn’t robbed from the prom!!

legitimately purchased on the internet!

september 046