Jesus Saves a Little Girl

Bible Base – Luke 8:40-56

We’ve been learning that God is a saving God, throughout all of the Bible we have seen God save His people from all kinds of trouble.  Now we see that God’s son Jesus saves too!

Who will Jesus save, someone important, someone famous?  No this week we learned that Jesus saved a little girl!  A little girl who was really sick.


Her Dad was an important leader in the church, he knew lots of important people, but when his little girl was so sick, the only one who could help was Jesus, he knelt down in front of him and pleaded with him to help.

Jesus went to help, but before they got to the house messengers arrived to say, “it’s too late she is dead”

Jesus told the Dad, “don’t be afraid, just believe”

Jesus was teaching us something about what He can save us from, “this little girl has not died, she is sleeping”


You see for everyone who believes in Jesus, when we die, it is only like sleeping until Jesus wakes us up to be with him.  So when Jesus went to the little girls body, and held her hand and said, “little girl, get up” she did!


And she wasn’t just a tiny bit better, so she could lie on the sofa and have dry toast, she was totally better, she could eat and run around.  WOW!

Jesus saves, from the power of death to make it just like sleep until he wakes us to be with a Him.  He tells us not to be afraid, but to believe.

 You are never too old an important that you don’t need Jesus, you are never too young and “insignificant”, the little girl, we don’t even get to know her name, but Jesus saved her.  Jesus saves children, you’re never too young to need Him.


Jesus saves!  Great news, worth sharing, with everyone!