God sent Jesus the Saviour

Bible Base – Matthew 1, Luke 1-2

Come gather round and listen from everywhere and every land,

Here’s a great Christmas Message we want you all to understand

Throughout all of history God’s had the greatest plan,

To save, to help, to rescue and offer hope to every man


God promised to send a saviour, that He would be God’s King

A rescuer for all mankind, who peace with God would bring

To remind us of God’s saving work we made a rescue tree

Filled with Daniel’s lion’s, Noah’s ark, and Jonah’s fish from the sea.


Then God sent Jesus, into our world to save

Our God offers the greatest gift to anyone today

Jesus, who came to our darkness, into our world of sin

He shone with the brightest light, God’s chosen rescuing King


The Cast of 2013!

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A realistic depiction of Mary!  Good acting!

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