God saved Joseph from Prison

Bible Base – Genesis 39 – 41:40

Remember Joseph has been ripped away from his family, thrown into a pit, saved by God, and sold as a slave to Egypt


Remember him being ripped away from his family?

Crazy woman in Egypt accuses Joseph of doing something he didn’t do.  Joseph is thrown into prison.  SO UNFAIR!

joe 002

All seems pretty terrible – But God is working in a much bigger way to save not only Joseph, and his family, but the people of Egypt and the surrounding lands too.

God speaks to Pharaoh in very odd dreams…….

magnetic cow


thin cow fat cow, thin corn fat corn.  Pharaoh is very grumpy because he is over tired, he needs help with these dreams.

grumpy pharoah

Nobody can help him, but a guy who was in prison with Joseph remembers that he was someone who God spoke to and could explain dreams, Joseph is called before Pharaoh.


God tells Joseph, Joseph tells Pharaoh…..

The dreams are a warning of famine, the food will run out.

Joseph is in charge of building store houses to keep food for later.


sure enough famine comes – but there is food in Egypt.

corn 002

Who is hungry and comes for help?……………..the brothers!

God saved Joseph from prison

God used Joseph to save the people of Egypt and even his own family from starving. what his brothers meant for harm, God used for good.. that’s how great God is!

Joseph a suffering saved saviour, he was saved to save others.


God had the key to it all !

God Saves!


What are we saved from?

How are we saved?

What are we saved for?