Jesus Saves His Enemy

Bible Base – Acts 9:1-22

Imagine this guy as your ballet teacher


He’d be terrible!!

Or this guy running a nursery



what about this person as a cage fighter!


They would all be terrible at those jobs.

Amazingly God uses somebody you would think would be terrible, the last person you would chose, to be His messenger, his witness for Jesus.

Saul was a guy who hated Christians, He would have even thrown Alison in jail, he beat people up, had them put in prison, even killed for believing in Jesus.

He set out to Damascus, breathing murderous threats, but on his way.


A light from heaven flashed around Him, and Jesus spoke to Him.

“Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me”

Saul was totally changed that day, he saw who Jesus was, it changed Him forever.  He became one of the best missionaries for Jesus the world has ever seen.

Jesus saves His enemies, we are all enemies of God, without the light of the gospel shining into our lives we would stay that way.  But God takes murderers and makes them missionaries, God takes enemies and makes them friends because of Jesus.