God Saved Joseph from the pit

Bible Base – Genesis 37

God’s family is growing. Jacob has 12 sons, 12 boys!!  Imagine the smell!! Imagine the hand me downs. No wonder a new coat was such a big deal!

september 038

Joseph’s father gave him a special coloured coat – here’s some Joseph coloured biscuits we made, and ate!!

september 041

God’s family is meant to show the world what He is like, and instead what do we see? A family fighting, messed up by favouritism. So when God speaks to Joseph in a dream, his brothers aren’t happy to hear, they let hatred grow in their hearts, and plan to get rid of Joseph.  They throw him in a deep pit, and plan to leave him for dead

september 040 september 039

Joseph stuck in the pit.

But just at the right time, God sends travelling salesmen from Egypt.  The brothers decide to sell him to them.

God saves Joseph from the pit!

september 037

Look he’s popped out!

God will use Joseph amazingly to save others.  He has an amazing plan for him, that we’ll learn more about, but right now he’s learning to trust God when it’s tough.

God can save from a pit of death, and use us to bring life to the world.

Remember looking round church and the leisure centre to find things that save?

september 035 september 034 september 033


What does God save us from?

Why does he save us?

Remember turning round to look at our church? We are one big family God can use to save others.

september 045

God saved Joseph from the pit

God can save me!