Jesus Saves A Sinner

Bible Base – Luke 23: 32-43

Jesus, who only ever did good, kind and brilliant things, has been thrown in prison.

worse than that, the religious leaders and the officials in charge if the city have decided he should be out to death on a cross, the worst punishment. Why?  Because He said he is the son of God., but that’s true!!  Jesus has done nothing wrong.

either side of Jesus were 2 guilty Criminals, only the worst of criminals were put on a cross


The guys either side of Jesus were guilty, their hearts were in a mess.

one shouted at Jesus, “come on, if you’re a saviour, save yourself, and us!”

the other man said “don’t you fear God, he’s done nothing wrong, we are getting what we deserve, Jesus remember me when you go to your kingdom”

Jesus said something amazing to him, “today you will be with me in heaven”

Jesus did not save Himself on the cross, but gave his life to save sinners, he did the most amazing swap


Jesus offers his perfection in exchange for our sin.

What a saviour!

remember the guys in church swapping shirts?

At the end of a football game, players often swap shirts, and there’s sometimes a queue for the best players shirt!  you would want the best players shirt, because it’s a bit like having their reputation.  Jesus gives us his reputation, his perfect record in exchange for our sin.

We’ve seen over the last few weeks how Jesus saves all kinds of people, girls, a young man, a woman, a man, they all shared the same problem we all share, a heart in a mess, a life stained by sin.  They all need Jesus.

Jesus saved a sinner on the cross, he can do the same for me.