Live – For what lasts

Bible Base – Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus taught us on the mountain how to live for Him.

We’re mountain top living for the King of Kings.


2 kinds of Treasure


1 you can keep, 1 you can’t!

1 in heaven, 1 on earth

Jesus taught that the things of this world don’t last, so they are not what matters most.

 Jesus and what he promises us is what we will keep forever.

That’s real treasure!

Remember the 2 different treasure boxes


That out of date phone, those terrible glasses, that too small kit!

All treasure he couldn’t keep, treasure that wore out, treasure that could be spoilt or stolen, treasure on earth.

Things we should use and enjoy by remembering it doesn’t last and isn’t what matters most.


The other treasure box was full of stuff that seemed worthless, an old badge, juice bottle, sunglasses?

But they were things we made at Holiday Bible club, the bits were there to remind him of the things he learned about Jesus that he would never forget, a treasure that will last!

Your Work


Making a time line of how long things last


Making treasure boxes


Re-designing an advert so it told the truth!


A treasure box, filled with reminders of how to live for Jesus.

a light, a bag of salt, a heart for others


Jesus is the best treasure, we’ll never lose Him, He’s always with us.

Through Him we are forgiven and promised heaven.